Share a smile! We encourage you to spread the joy with us during our #ShareaSmile challenge. Residents, staff, friends and family are invited to participate in activities that surely tempt everyone to grin.

We have several fun and festive happenings planned; some are very simple, some are about serving others and some are just about sharing the everyday wonders of life with friends and family. Be on the lookout because a special something just might find its way to you!

One of the easiest ways to get someone to smile is to smile first at them — just like a yawn, smiles are contagious!

  • So, in the meantime, share your smile, and snap a picture.
  • Create a new Facebook post to upload your picture.
  • In your post, include #ShareaSmile.

From the Diversified family to yours, we hope that you have a blessed season filled with happiness, peace and love.